Nritya Prerana presents lec-dem by Vasumathi Badrinathan 

November 12, 2004

Chandran, Vasumathi and Pichumani 
Vasumathi Badrinathan conducted a Lec-Dem on ‘Concert Music Vs Music in Dance’ and ‘Padams & Javalis’ on 30 Oct 2004 at The Nritya Prerana School of Dance, Pune. 
The Lec dem was a study in versatility. Dancer, vocalist, linguist and journalist, the multi-talented Vasumathi is a great teacher too.  In the first lec-dem on Concert Music Vs. Music for Dance, she explained in great detail, the distinguishing factors of singing for a concert and for a dance performance. The subtle variations that have to be made in the singing style for a dance performance were highlighted through her singing and demo of various varnams. 
In the second half of the session on Padams and Javalis, she spoke knowledgably about the origins of padams and javalis and the variety of subjects covered in the genre. It was a great learning experience, for all those present were left yearning for more. 

Nritya Prerana, a Bharatanatyam dance institute was started by Suchitra Date in 1987 to inculcate amongst its students, awareness towards the glorious, rich and varied cultural heritage of classical dance. The Nritya Prerana Documentation and Research Centre has formed a documentation centre for students of various Indian classical dance forms. This project is the only private effort of its kind in Pune. The Centre has already started efforts to inculcate a thorough knowledge of Bharatanatyam through workshops, performances or study sessions, the latest being the lec-dem by Vasumathi Badrinathan.