An event to remember 
- R Krishnamurthy, Chennai 

November 30, 2004

Two Bharatanatyam stalwarts Guru V P Dhananjayan  & Prof. C V Chandrasekhar performed together on 15th November 04 under the auspices of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai.  

Generally speaking, the art connoisseurs of this city were expecting the media to seize the opportunity to make an event of two great Bharatanatyam dancers performing together for a unique cause of paying homage to a departed sishya, B Rajesh.  

The over flowing enthusiastic audience went haywire watching these men over sixty-five, dancing to their wives’ tunes - Nattuvangam (Shanta Dhananjayan & Jaya Chandrasekhar).  Actually the two senior Gurus announced that they are coming together on stage after almost five decades.  The accurate co-ordination and perfect alignment of mood and movements took the audience on an ‘out of the world experience,’ an experience to be cherished for life. We do not know whether they will come together again creating another event of importance.  It was heartwarming to see so many old and young Bharatanatyam dancers and teachers in the audience (a rare event indeed), which made it doubly ‘eventful’. 

One wonders why the press and electronic media did not pay much importance to this kind of event, which inspire the younger generation of artists and connoisseurs alike.