Bharata Nrityam performance for Dhanur Masa Mahotsavam  
- Radha Venkat, Houston, Texas 

January 12, 2006 

With the blessings of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, on the auspicious occasion of Sri Dhanur Masa Vrutha Mahotsavam, a Bharata Nrityam recital by Bala Devi Chandrashekar, senior disciple of the noted Bharata Nrityam exponent Padma Subrahmanyam was hosted by Sri Ashtalakshmi temple, Houston, Texas on Dec 30th, 2005.  

The evening commenced with a discourse on the significance of Vaishnavite philosophy and the true essence of the pasurams by Sri Hanuman Swamigal. This was followed by Bala's Bharata Nrityam dance recital.  Bala performed for a garland of gems composed by great Vaishnavite Saints. The recital was a visual delight of the passionate expression of the Vaishnavite saints which is the integral part of Dhanur Masa Vratha.  Bala's performance accentuated each nuance with exquisite grace.  It was an ideal fusion of nuances of bhava and abhinaya harmoniously merging with the devotional aspects of bhakti.  

Bala's blissful offering at the Lotus feet of Lord Narayana was a spiritually rejuvenating experience for the audience.