Enchanting Experience  
- Sushil Rapatwar 

August 4, 2006 


The Osmania University Medical Graduates Association in the UK held their 23rd Annual Meeting on 22 July at Purly Chase Golf Club near Nuneaton. 
Ragasudha Vinjamuri's rendition during the same opened with the great wordsmith Jayadeva's Sritha Kamala kucha, a well-knit composition in Bhairavi Raga, Triputa Tala from the famous Opera of Ashtapadis - Geeta Govindam. The lithe dancer that she is, Sudha easily rendered bhakti bhava in the lyrics Jaya Jaya Deva Hare and could match his poetic aesthetics through her delightful expressions. 

This was followed by Narayana Teertha's Tarangam Nanda Nandana Gopala in Saurashtra Raga, Adi Tala from his illustrious "Krishna Leela Tarangini." The lyrics were beautiful and were effectively and gracefully enacted. 

Sudha characteristically showcased two different aspects of Lord Krishna, the Eternal Love, and his childhood story including his mischief at Gokula while raiding houses and stealing butter, his divine sports (Leela) in killing a series of demons, episodes of protecting people from Kaliya serpent in Yamuna river and by lifting Govardhana mountain. These episodes could visually be felt and understood from her flowing and captivating movements and expressions. 

Her elegant presentation certainly excited the aesthetic admiration of the audience and proved splendid to all the spectators of the evening. Sri Rosiah, honourable Minister for Health and Finance from Andhra Pradesh presented her a memento for her recital on the occasion.