Graceful and creative choreography  
- G Sundari, Chennai 

August 28, 2006 

The International Dance Alliance (Madras Council) celebrated its twentieth anniversary at the Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai on August 14 and 15, 2006. Aptly titled Natya Nakshatra Malika, a galaxy of stars performed on the occasion. I know well, how the students who trained in Kalakshetra like the Dhananjayans and Narasimhachari would perform. Hence it was not surprising that their programs were attractive. Mohiniattam by Neena Prasad was beautiful and authentic. 
Anita Ratnam presented an excerpt from her to be premiered production "Sri Ranga Pura Vihara" composed by the 18th century musical savant Muthuswamy Dikshitar that was immortalized by the rendition of MS Subbalakshmi. Anita's choreography was noteworthy for its grace and creativity.  

She has always been imaginative and attracts persons who have a mission in dance with her refined picturisation of the various movements and mudras. Her expressions are always devoid of exaggeration. Her taste in costume is to be appreciated and she makes sure that it does not clash with the background on stage.  

Creativity is always welcome in a dancer or for that matter, in any artiste. This is so, as it gives expression to their inner being. Anita excels in this. Her creative dance may not conform always to what the Tanjore Quartette described as Bharatanatyam, but she manages to convey a message to the audience and carry them with her.  

To the melodious voice of Sikkil Gurucharan, Anita brought out the spirit and devotion of those who worship Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam, on stage. My best wishes to her to carry on her creative work and convey her message of Indian art to all. 

G Sundari was a member of Kalakshetra’s Executive Committee for a number of years and also assistant editor of the Kalakshetra Quarterly. Sundari retired in 1989 and continues to do publicity for the Theosophical Society.