A Natya-Kusumam offered by Ragasudha 
- Sushil Rapatwar, London 
e-mail: meetsushil@gmail.com 

September 8, 2006 

The Maha Kumbabhishekam including the Prana Prathisthapana (Installation of Deities) was celebrated recently at Sri Venkateswara Temple in Great Britain with religious fervour and pomp, the news of which was also covered by BBC. In all, about 10,000 devotees attended the event.

The dance presentation by Ragasudha Vinjamuri during the same on 25th August included Sankeertanas of saint composer Annamacharya who left a great legacy to the music world.

Opening with an arresting Vinnapalu Vinavale in Bhoopala Raga asking the Lord to open his lotus eyes and resume his divine duties, Sudha engaged the audience quite charmingly through the lyrically rich composition.

This was followed by a fascinating Gandhamu Pusevele in Bhairavi Raga - a beautiful description of Goddess Alamelu Mangataayaru. The audience were engrossed in the gripping gestures and gesticulations of the performer.  

Next was Imdariki Abhayammu in Samantha Raga, revealing the greatness of the Lord's golden hand in different incarnations of Vishnu for destroying evil and establishing Dharma. What was represented in the lyrics was exhibited in suitable manifestations by Ragasudha. 

Lastly, the ever enjoyable Adivo Alladivo in Hindola Raga which Annamayya was said to have sung in devotional ecstasy upon sighting Tirumala hills, describing them as holy abode for salvation. This surely took the spectators to a distinctly different state. Sudha displayed a deep and profound bhakti bhava during this song.

The rendition ended traditionally with benediction (Mangalam). 

To sum up, it was a superbly visual and aurally delightful evening. 

Interestingly, though there were pitfalls in organising, like an abrupt vote of thanks in between the cultural program; errors in outlining the synopsis which is fundamentally indispensable to introduce the items and the artiste to the audience; it was handled maturely by the artiste.