Marga-Desi: Style and substance! 
- Sudha Rao  

October 24, 2006  

The evening of the auspicious Ashtami day of Navrathri, 30th September 2006, connoisseurs of art were treated to a Bharata Nrityam recital by Bala Devi Chandrashekar, senior disciple of the noted Bharata Nrityam exponent Dr. Padma  Subrahmanyam. The performance was in aid of raising funds for AIM for SEVA.  The latter half was the performance by Bala's disciples.  The brilliant performance imbued with diligence and thoroughness, raised substantial funds for a very noble cause. 

Aptly titled Marga-Desi, it took the audience through a substance filled recital with its artistic and rhythmic content, recalling the traditional the Marga focus. Bala, a compelling artist, truly inspired the audience with both Nrita and Abhinaya items with intrinsic spiritual value. 

In Pujyashree Swami Dayananda's words, "In today's performance I saw something profound! It was a delightful evening; we are wiser having attended the performance. Bala's students gave us a treat. We saw the entire gamut of vyayamas, steps and units of Karanas, which are temple sculptures and the items that followed them. Surely, they have been trained very well in a Gurukulam pattern under Bala's tutelage." 

He added, "Bala's guru Padma Subrahmanyam is a very dedicated person and Bala has imbibed from her guru, everything that is profound and beautiful"!