Instructional Dance Video Featuring Padma Chebrolu - Cultural Centre of India L L C

July 2001  

Padma Chebroluís Cultural Centre of India based in Ohio, have recently produced a dance instructional video called  "DANCES OF INDIA - LEARNING BHARATANATYAM". This is being sold at Amazon.com and other places. It has the fundamentals of Bharatanatyam and is available for $19.99. Like any other instructional video, this video introduces the dance form to the student and engages them. 

Namaste! This is how we greet each other in India. It means "I bow to the god in you." Our culture and art are both ancient and spiritual. Classical dances of India are born in the temples and are the dances of  the mind, the soul and the divine. These dance traditions still follow the rules set by Guru Bharata in his Natya Sastra (Science of Dancing) from second century AD. This dance instructional video is created for aspiring dancers who want to learn the basic technique and practice on a regular basis to become magnificent dancers.  

Learning any art takes time and practice. At the end, the rewards are wonderful. This is an attempt to introduce you to the technique and inspire you to pursue this art further. Some of the highlights of this video include 

Basic Positions 
Single Hand Gestures 
Warm up Exercises 
Steps Series 1 
Head Movements 
Eye Movements 
Neck Movements 
Steps Series 2 
Double Hand Gestures 
Costumes & Makeup 
Ananda Natanam Dance 

In the video, Padma Chebrolu demonstrates how she has taken her years of intense Bharatanatyam training and teaching experience to the dance studio. She instructs the viewer just as she trains her students in private classes. All of the steps are taught in simpler and smaller segments to make it easy to follow.  Padma uses well organized material and standard teaching method throughout.  

This video teaches traditional Bharata Natyam as performed by hundreds of millions of  Indians all over the world. If you are interested in India and its arts, this video is a must  for you. 

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