Seasoned danseuse Ranjani Ganeshan, the artistic director of Ponnambalam and Deepa Shashidharan, a disciple of Manju Bharagavi regaled the audience at Ravindra Kalakshetra with their fine Bharatanatya and Kuchipudi natya duet 
by Karnataka Kala Sri Dr.M.Surya Prasad 

February 2001 

The programme held under the banner of Arudra'2000 could bring into light salient features of the two dance forms in their totality. The rhythm was elaborated in the classical vocabulary. The two artistes reached the acme of their talent and expertise in the delineation of a Swati Tirunal varna 'Shankara Sri Girinatha prabho'. 

The varna an eulogy to Lord Shiva was set to Hamsanandi raga. It was unfolded layer by layer in turns, separately and together, by the dancers. Ranjani and Deepa maintained a good line and the effect of good rehearsals got itself reflected in the entire presentation. They enacted various episodes magnifying the greatness of Lord Shiva in an enjoyable manner.  

The jugalbandhi, with Deepa dancing on the brass plate and Ranjani responding to her calls with her feet was the best part of the recital under review. D.S.Srivatsa and Sri Shukha enriched the recital with their melodious and mellifluous singing. The other accompanists too raised to the occasion.  

Malathi Iyengar, an NRI Bharatanataya dancer-choreographer-Guru from California enthralled the lovers of dance with a compact, neat and tidy dance-drama with Ramayana as the theme.She proved her mettle and brilliance in putting forth the presentation. Not only she excelled as a choreographer but also as a dancer. Her daughter Lakshmi Iyengar sent the rasikas at Ravindra Kalakshetra into raptures with her right technique and artistry of Bharatanatya.  

The tale of Rama was presented in different scenes. Valmiki Ramayana set to music by late L.S.Narayanaswamy Bhagavatar was the base for the portrayal. The language of Bharatanatya was explored fully well for communication. The nritta and nrithya aspects had a balanced representation. The other characters in general and Hanuman in particular contributed to the success of the dance drama. The orchestral support led by Srivatsa was the plus point of the programme.