February 2001 

Kumari Swapna Gupte and Kumari Anuya Wagh, students of Dr.Priya Parab, (nee Balan) Principal, Kala Nritya  presented their Arangetram at Tilak Smarak Mandir on the 30th January 2001.  Anuya is a 3rd year student of Computer Engineering at Cummins College while Swapna is in the 3rd year of Physiotherapy at the Sancheti College.  The nattuvangam was ably handled by Dr. Priya Parab who is herself a renowned dancer and choreographer.  Mr. Ramanath Iyer who played the Mridangam, gave excellent support.  The highlight of the day’s programme was the Tandav, the cosmic dance of Nrityamurti.  The duo Swapna and Anuya as Shiva and Parvati displayed their skills with the lively footwork and enchanting poses. It was a delight to watch the dancers matching their skill. The music which flowed in a rhythmic manner changing ragas to suit different aspects of the dance added to the beauty of this piece. The choreography for this item was meticulously done by Dr. Priya, which enhanced the overall grace of this piece.  Krishna ne Begane depicting the pranks of Lord Krishna was understood and appreciated by the audience.  Swapna as Lord Krishna and Anuya as Yashoda displayed great maturity with their abinaya.  Sita Shakti Kavya was another notable dance performed by the artistes.     Shakti Kavya, an effort of Mr. Pradeep Wagh, is a musical anthology on the role of Sita as a mother in the spiritual value system she gave to her twin children Lav and Kush.  The music was rich and melodious and left a deep impact on the audience.