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This new section reflects my inspirations and moods as my feet and mind travel this amazing planet. Thank you all for the positive response to the earlier editions of Roving Eye.  During the sizzling month of May, my roving eye captured a wide variety of moments.. mountains and menus, snapshots and soundbites.. Enjoy.. If you have something interesting to share, send it to

June 2014

Stunning Madhu Nataraj captured in nature,
training for her new work
Photo: Catrine Val

The misty mountains of Coonoor
and tea estates below

A moment from the past. In Kerala with Mohiniattam guru Chinna Ammu Ammal. My sister Pritha to the left and my beloved mother Leela in the centre (1972). Memories...  

  Mohini Attom Bomb
 - (recd by email)

Theatre in India is suicidal
says Prasanna Ramaswamy

On the outside walls of the NCPA building in Bombay, a large poster of Alarmel Valli

Quicksand choreographed by Hari Krishnan, InDance, Canada

Three Vaishnav priests at the Nambi temple in
Tirukurungudi, southern Tamilnadu

Sandhya Raman's atelier in Delhi... a display of silk scarves using designs created by autistic individuals

India's global fashion brand.
PASHMA... non crush silk tunics

Natya performs on CBS Chicago

Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe
promoting yoga in a 1948 LIFE magazine cover


Bharatanatyam and a school uniform
to contrast 'tradition' and 'modern'???

So you think Chennai is boring? THE BREW ROOM, a newly opened Coffee Craft Bar and Bistro with Cordon Bleu chef Madhulika. Tres chic machan!

A bowl of yummmm, fresh and warm
San Francisco sourdough bread
scooped out and filled with hearty soup


 Warming up near an open fire
at San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square

Delicate Venetian lace style embroidery
still nurtured by Naaz of Erin Villa, Coonoor


The duffer, the bluffer, the man with the muffler
Which one of these men will we have to suffer
If you voted for Modi go jump in the sea
If you voted for Rahul you're dumber than he
If you voted for Kejri then that should be fine
Because sooner or later the man will resign
Democracy demands we give them a chance
But this time I think we should join in the dance
Coz whoever they are, the men at the helm
The country still belongs to us, not to them
We gave them their seats, the two-seventy-two
We voted them to power between me and you
But whether they prove to be wise men or fools
This nation is ours so let's play by the rules
Let's not break the law, can we please stand in line
Let's not pull those strings to avoid paying a fine
Let's finally get that a red light means stop
Let's not stoop to bribing the poor traffic cop
Let's be part of the reason our country is great
Let's be good citizens before it's too late
Let's serve our great country without hesitation
Let's all work together to build a strong nation
Enough of the trolling, the barbs and the fights
Now let's stick together, stand up for our rights
Enough of debates on religion and caste
Now let's be united, secular at last
They might have the seats, the two-seventy-two
But the country belongs to me and to you
And we're a billion people, a billion and plus
At the end of the day, the onus is on us.

(received as an email forward)

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