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This section reflects my inspirations and moods as my feet and mind travel this amazing planet. Thank you all for the positive response to the earlier editions of Roving Eye.  Enjoy.. If you have something interesting to share, send it to
- Anita Ratnam

November 2014

Dance-harikatha collaboration between Urmila Satyanaryana and Vishaka Hari in Music Academy, Chennai, Oct 17, 2014

ACROSS NOT OVER, a solo contemporary performance by Vikram Iyengar.
Choreographed by Preethi Athreya.
Performed at SPACES, Chennai

Geeta Chandranís arangetram performance in 1974
Pics by Delhi Photo Studio

attendance launch in Delhi
at Natya Vriksha studio

Geeta Chandran, Yamini Krishnamurti,
Ashish Khokar, Shanta Serbjeet Singh

In Namba Madras.
Amateur theatre presents
the Broadway musical CHICAGO

Actress Rani Moorthy
outside the Trafalgar Theatre, London,
where she is acting in the play EAST IS EAST

Decorative hairbands featuring elements of dance jewellery. By Raki Anand

A view of the majestic tiers
at Royal Opera House, London
I watched the balllet MANON

Barbie as Kali... 
A Navaratri special edition
The Doll has since been recalled in the US

Umbrellas as lighting decor at Cafe Zoe, Mumbai

Hammock Bed

Sand under feet worktable

Swing Dining Table

Vertical Herb Garden
Brilliant design ideas

ASPYRUS. a stunning graphic novella

I know this name is a global brand.
This Tea, however, is Overpriced, Overhyped and
Over-Cinnamonised.. Disappointing Taste.

Organic gourmet vegetarian options in Chennai
Much more than ghaas poos!

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