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This section reflects my inspirations and moods as my feet and mind travel this amazing planet. Thank you all for the positive response to the earlier editions of Roving Eye.  Enjoy.. If you have something interesting to share, send it to
- Anita Ratnam

May 2015

In the California redwood forest reserve

Bride with Pride....
the most amazing Bridal Entry Themes

Tongue Drum made out of California Paduka tree.
An African instrument that is like a drum and a xylophone


Sculptures in the RODIN SCULPTURE GARDEN, Stanford University, California

Ramli Ibrahim with percussionist Suchet Malhotra
Kuala Lumpur

Sharanya Krishnan and Suchet Malhotra jamming back stage with a skeleton as audience.  Kuala Lumpur

Vidya Subhasri trying her hand at drums

With Aiman Saiban, the dynamic stage manager of the NAGA WOMEN tour

Rajika Puri and Suchet Malhotra
shopping in Central Market,  Kuala Lumpur

A poster of medieval German herbalist Hildegard von Bingen
in an organic vegan restaurant in Penang, Malaysia

Damansara performance Centre,  Kuala Lumpur

SUTRA HOUSE, Kuala Lumpur

Owl lady Ursula in Penang, Malaysia

  Interior of a mansion once owned by a wealthy Nanyang businessman in Penang, Malaysia.
Fabulous furniture and objects of art

Siva on  Nandi - Bronze sculpture by Malaysian artist Elanchezhian
Size: 71.5cm x 38cm x 27cm

Outdoor installation of plastic bottles filled with herbs.
Penang, Malaysia

Indonesian Wayang Kulit puppets of Rama and SITA. 
At Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

Malay is a mixture of many languages. This is a bag store.  "Kedai" is from Tamil word "kadai" meaning "shop" and "BEG" for "BAG"

Dancer, makeup artist Guna getting me ready for A Million Sitas, Malaysia

A Million Sitas at Sandhya Raman's Atelier,  New Delhi

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