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This section reflects my inspirations and moods as my feet and mind travel this amazing planet. Thank you all for the positive response to the earlier editions of Roving Eye.  Enjoy.. If you have something interesting to share, send it to
- Anita Ratnam

December 2016

China made wallets with imprints
of Indian new denomination currency

A tongue in cheek posting on Facebook
by heritage diarist V Sriram on the recent Demonetisation

Discovering dance in Bombay’s libraries: Dance critic Sunil Kothari on reading in a bygone era
Dr. Sunil Kothari’s archives

Interviewing Vyjayanthimala at
Madhya Pradesh’s Khajuraho Dance Festival, 1989

With NCPA trustee Dr. Jamshedjee Bhabha and
Kathak exponent Kumudini Lakhia

Images from the QUEER PRIDE PARADE. Nov 27, New Delhi

Using wearable technology for dance and  movement
created by students and faculty at ASU Arizona State University
to map choreography as patterns and colours

Britain Prime Minister Theresa May
in a sari during her India visit

Kolkatta designer Divya Sheth uses a dancer's body to showcase her new Kalamkari line

Of the thousands of photos taken on the night of Nov14th,
this image by photographer RAM RAHMAN
(son of dancer Indrani Rahman) is the most evocative

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