Spellbinding Kuchipudi
- Sarojini Iyengar, Troy, MI

August 10, 2006

Mrinalini Sadananda, presented a spellbinding Kuchipudi solo recital at Grand State University, Michigan, on 30th July 2006. It was the Divya Samadhi camp of Swami Chinmayananda, conducted by Swamy Tejomayananda of Chinmaya Mission. Devotees from all over the world attended the function.

Mrinalini opened her recital with Narayaneeyam followed by Manasa Sancharare in Ragam Sama set to Adi talam. With glittering eyes, she described the glory of Lord Krishna, her devotion conveyed clearly through her expressions.

In the second item Bhama Pravesam, Mrinalini brought out the beauty and graceful arrogance of Sathyabhama as Abhisarika Nayika. Mrinalini’s vibrant movements made her seem as though she was floating on the stage. Through her abhinaya the audience was introduced to the charm and valor of Sathyabhama, that she is the chosen beloved of Lord Krishna. This was set in Ragam Bhairavi in Misra Chapu.

Following this was an Ashtapadi Radhika Krishna in Ragamalika and thalam Adi. The longing of Radhika and the travails of separation from her Lord brought tears to the audience. The sakhi consoling Radhika was very moving. Mrinalini ended this dramatically by falling at the feet of Lord Krishna’s idol kept on one side of the stage.

She concluded the program with a Javali Parulannamata in Ragam Kapi set to Rupaka thalam followed by Mangalam. The finesse and integrity exhibited by Mrinalini made Dr. Appa Rao Mukkamula call her a world-class dancer.