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featured in 2003
Revealed by Fire- interweaving the personal and the universal
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai
Collages - art, dance and storytelling
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai
Sudharani Raghupathy collaborates with Professor Skelton on The Silappadikaram
Convergence - the music of Oikyotaan
Lalitha Venkat meets Bonnie Chakraborty, the leader of the band Oikyotaan, in Chennai
Astad Deboo gives space a new dimension
Lalitha Venkat speaks to Astad in Chennai
Turning 75 gracefully - Guru Maya Rao talks about
her passion, her life and journey through dance
by Anitha Santhanam, Bangalore
'World, dance with me', says Anusha Subramanyam
As told to Lalitha Venkat
by Sam Kumar

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