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featured in 2008
Natya Kala Conference 2008
- Lalitha Venkat, Chennai
Ananda Shankar Jayant: Convener, Natya Kala Conference 2008
Padma Subrahmanyam: We must respect our heritage
Margi Madhu: Nepathya is my dream project
C V Chandrasekhar: My will power keeps me going
Alekhya Punjla: Dance conferences are important
Anita Ratnam: I am not an export artiste
V R Devika: Story telling has always been popular
Swapnasundari: Classicism of Vilasini Natyam is evident
Sunil Kothari: Enjoy participating and attending conferences
Neena Prasad: Mohiniyattam opens more possibilities as you get closer to it
Sophiline C Shapiro: Taking initiative to infuse new energy into exquisite traditions
Navtej Singh Johar: I plod my own path
Sheejith Krishna: I serve my Alma mater and enjoy that
Leela Venkataraman: Watching is the greatest method of learning
Sharodi Saikia: Sattriya is an enduring tradition
Ashish Mohan Khokar: Too many awards mean less quality
Paula Richman: Ramayana is a global text and global piece of theatre
Rajashree Shirke: Dance is a multi-layered and dependent art
Nandini Ramani: Sanskrit is a vibrant and glorious language

Ramli Ibrahim: Preparing Odissi for the 21st century
- Lalitha Venkat, Chennai

With lights you can do miracles: Sai Venkatesh
- Lalitha Venkat, Chennai

The medium is the message: Ashish Mohan Khokar
- Lalitha Venkat, Chennai

Vimala Sarma: Dancing is a long journey without a destination
- Mallika Jayanti, Newcastle, Australia

Three dancers - one poet
- Hariharan Balakrishnan, Bhubaneswar
Preeti Vasudevan: An educational first in classical Indian dance
Dancing for the Gods

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