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featured in 2004
Extensions to tradition: Radhika Shurajit on convening the seminar
- Lalitha Venkat, Chennai
Madhavi Mudgal -'surprised and glad' to be chosen for Nritya Choodamani 2004
- Lalitha Venkat, Chennai
Bringing Heaven to Earth - Theyyam of Kerala
- Ramaa Bharadvaj, CA, USA
Exclusive interviews with artistes of The Park's THE OTHER FESTIVAL
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai
Eero Hämeenniemi & Group (Finland) - 'Mylapore Variations' - music, world premiere
Parijat Desai & Dancers (USA) -'Quiet/Fire' - contemporary dance
Jean-Luc Penso & Théâtre du Petit Miroir (France) - 'A Fox Story' - Theatre of Shadow Puppets (An Alliance Francaise Collaboration)
Gil Alon (Israel) - 'Mr. C' - Solo theatre
Chitraleka Dance Company (UK) - 'The Story of C' - Contemporary Dance-Theatre
Fujiwara Dance Inventions (Canada) - 'Sumida River' - contemporary dance (solo)
Constanza Macras & Dorky Park (Germany) 'Back to the Present' - Contemporary Dance
D'LO (USA/Sri Lanka) - 'Ramble-ations: Excerpts from the One D'Lo Show' - Solo Performance Art
K.S.R Anirudha & Dancers (Chennai) -'Spatika'- Beyond Doubt & Illusion- Contemporary Dance
Arjun Raina (New Delhi) - 'A terrible beauty is born' - A stand up tragedy
Ramu Ramanathan & Out of Context (Mumbai) - 'The Sanjivani Super Show!' -Theatre
A tête-à-tête with Bimbavati Devi, Manipuri dance exponent
- Febina Mathew, Fargo, North Dakota
They look Indian, but…
Usha Raghavan talks to Richard Turner about the challenges and rewards of teaching Bharatanatyam in London
Prof. Kalamandalam Balasubramanian - evergreen presence in Kathakali
Gajamukha Dance Ballet - a spiritual journey...
by Febina Mathew, North Dakota
Anjani Ambegaokar honored with National Heritage Award
Sudha Chandrasekhar - Dance is her pathway to heaven
Devayani : India's French Cultural Ambassador
by Mateen Khan
Nrityagram, Lynne and Vasantahabba
- Lynne Fernandez shares her thoughts with Lalitha Venkat
Her Majesty
Richard Turner interviewed Leela Samson
In Flight
Indira P P Bora speaks to Richard Turner
Swati Bhise, an ambassador of Bharatanatyam in NYC
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai
Smitha Rajan - A Journey in Mohiniyattam….
by Anu Chellappa, St. Louis, MO
Buddhavatara on stage - an interview with Siri Rama
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai

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